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Candied Maple Mustard Bacon

It's hard to deny that bacon is great on it's own, without embellishments. And it's probably a special kind of heresy to suggest that you can improve on bacon. But you can. You can. Because while great ingredients stand on their own, sometimes there is a combination of other ingredients that enhance their flavor and make… Continue reading Candied Maple Mustard Bacon

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Cajun Eggs Benedict

What you'll read here is a mixture of family favorite recipes and the influence of my office mate, who should have won Husband of the Year for 2012. Here's why. The wife of said office mate was really interested in photography, but as a busy mom of three, she just hadn't given herself the time… Continue reading Cajun Eggs Benedict

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Bacon + Eggs Breakfast Pizza

There was a time in my life - back in my mid twenties, when I had a working metabolism - when I could have very easily subsisted just on pizza. It wouldn't be too hard, considering the vast variety of beautiful flavor combinations you can serve up in pizza form. Pizza is the ultimate flavor… Continue reading Bacon + Eggs Breakfast Pizza

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Sour Cream Pancakes

As a working mama, I'd advise you to make your kitchen easy and reduce your labor where you can. Bisquick makes a perfectly lovely pancake, as do other mixes, and people who would judge you for using those mixes don't deserve an invitation into your kitchen. That being said, if you have the time or… Continue reading Sour Cream Pancakes

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Blueberry Maple Round Scones

"Scones or biscuits." It's less of a debate around here and more of a curiosity, although I did debate for a while what I should actually be calling these lovely round goodies. As members of the unconscionably rude rebel colonies, we make them fairly interchangeably around here. But I'm sure there's a definitive authority around… Continue reading Blueberry Maple Round Scones

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Scott’s “Demo Day” Breakfast Burritos

The weather this whole year has been teasing us when it comes to getting projects done. February was beautiful and spring-like, March threw us a bomb cyclone that ripped some shingles off the roof, April froze us again, May offered us a week of spring then brought in summer, and we've been cooking ever since.… Continue reading Scott’s “Demo Day” Breakfast Burritos